Friday, June 22, 2018

Reader Registration (2018)

Register for CFSRS18 Here!

The first step to entering the giveaways for CFSRS is to register to participate in the event.  Registration will be live starting 6/25/18 and will close on 7/20/18.  At which point no new readers can register for the event.

Register by adding your name and link to the linky.   Click on the image below and add yourself to the linky.  Do this by scrolling to the bottom of the participant listing and then click the button that says: Add your link.  Your LINK needs to be somewhere I can find you online.  This may include your website/blog, Goodreads account, or a social media profile such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, etc.  You DO NOT need to have a blog to participate in this event.

Next, go the Rafflecopter form (available on July 1) on the Enter Points page.  Enter your name (as listed on the linky).  Now you can start reading and earning points for the giveaways HERE.

Join the CFSRS Goodreads Group to discuss your CFSRS18 reading goals, as well as track what books you want to read and are currently reading.

And don't forget to join the CFSRS Facebook Group for more reading fun and prizes.

If you'd like to share on your blog or social media that you are participating in CFSRS 2018, you may use the following hashtags and or tag SLB on the following platforms:

  • #CFSRS18
  • #amreadingcfsrs18
  • #readreviewwin
  • #singinglibrarianbooks
  • #cfsrs18winner
Social Media Tags:

You may also share on social media or along your blog's side bar the following graphic:

Be sure to link this badge back here to the CFSRS blog.


  1. Looking forward to the summer reading challenge, and especially the opportunity to win a print book in the giveaway! Thank you so much! God bless! Lual Krautter

    1. Thanks for participating! Hope you have fun! :)

  2. Is there a way to confirm that I signed up properly?

    1. Hi Cindy. You can click on the linky and check to see if your name is showing up. I just checked and it is. So you are good to go. :)

  3. Woo Hoo! Looking forward to joining again. Thanks for all your hard work putting this together for the third year, Sydney!